WATA.Inc. is an integrated spatial data platform company that provides various location information services and smart spatial solutions using ‘AI cloud spatial recognition technology’. Evolving into a smart space where people and things can interact in the various environments that make up a city, from offices, buildings, factories, hospitals, retail, and broadly to smart cities, to solve social problems such as people’s convenience and safety and improve the value of life We are doing our best to contribute to Join us as a team member who will realize the dream of completing an AI cloud spatial data platform.

  • Talent

    Progressive thinking
    WATA welcomes enterprising individuals who are always exploring and servicing new technologies and growth using their strengths or backgrounds.

    A simple task is important, but it is necessary to think about whether the work in progress is feasible or has commercialization value. We want you to look at the business as a whole and have the attitude to identify and discuss issues with your colleagues.

    Respect each other
    We want people who respect the people we work with. This is the reason why we value a horizontal work environment, because harmony and harmony in group life comes from respect and is directly related to work results.

  • Benefits

    Profit sharing : One of the advantages of a startup is to share the growth potential and the results of growth. WATA has been growing rapidly in 2020, including technology development and securing domestic and foreign customers. As we grew up together, we want to enjoy the benefits together. Depending on the performance and profit of the business, the benefits of employees who match their abilities and performance will be endless.

    Self-development : WATA wants employees who grow together. Since the self-development of team members is the driving force of the company, Wata actively supports the self-development of team members. We will actively support any business necessary, such as purchasing books, registering for lectures, or attending seminars.

    Work-life balance : We respect the work-life balance of our employees. We encourage you to take free leave without having to look out for your boss, and provide you with compensatory leave for unavoidable holiday work. We also do our best to ensure that our employees get enough rest and energized, such as birthday holidays for birthdays.

  • Our vision

    WATA is a company that has the most important 'accuracy' and 'scalability' as its competitive edge in location information services. In 2019, it proved its technological prowess by producing the best results in the accuracy competition demonstration with global companies. As a result, we are growing explosively by collaborating with global companies such as Japan, Southeast Asia, UK, and Spain as well as in Korea. The need for accurate location information is growing now due to the influence of the corona pandemic and lifestyles that have increased the proportion of staying indoors worldwide. Following this trend, Wata will grow even higher.