Asset management

Often time and resources go wasted as the management of human and physcial resources depends on traditional and outdated practices. A systematic and smart management of various resources is possible through connecting sensors to the management system and asset tracking.

Human Asset Management Increase operational efficiency by checking the location of employees enabled by spatial awareness with smart wearable devices, smart phones and smart tags, managing employee attendance and assigning a task to employees immediately.

Check the location of
physical assets
Increase work efficiency by checking the location of equipment and devices with tagges attached, and improve productivity by minimizing unnecessary movement and, thus, maximizing human resources.Sync to asset management system

Sync to asset management system With the simple scanning of a barcode/QR code, the location of assets and an asset list can be checked. Also, by connecting to the existing system, processes such as receiving and dispatching goods can be managed with a smartphone in a fast and easy way.

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