Smart Hotel Solution provides safe contactless services and hyper-personalized services that increase customer convenience.


'Hygiene' and 'contactless services' have become new criteria for selecting a hotel in view of the COVID-19 pandemic. The hotel industry should actively take measures to meet the emerging needs of customers. Smart Hotel Solution enhances safety and customer satisfaction by providing contactelss services including automatic entry/exit management, and mobile check-in, and hyper-personalized services carefully designed based on visit data and location information.

  • Enhanced safety

  • Improved convenience

  • High customer satisfaction

  • Enhanced brand image

Automatic entry/
exit management
Upon entering or exiting a hotel, the movements of visitors are automatically recognized with spatial awareness technology. A visitor database is created and entry/exit information is saved to create a visitor list. Contactless mobile check-in eliminates unnecessary processes of writing up a visitor list manually or scanning a QR code, and improves customer convenience. (Visit records are automatically destroyed after a certain period of time)

Check the location of a visitor Locations of visitors(overall/by space) can be checked in real-time as well as past movement histroy using filetering options. Also, the message-sending feature allows for assigning a task to employees helping a manager better manage his or her staff.

Indoor navigation WATA's high-precision spatial awareness technology provides the real-time location of customers, direction guide to facilities at hotel, space data, etc. In addition, the possibility to check crowdedness in real-time enabled by spatial awareness helps customers reduce waiting time and improve space utilization.

Customer insight reports Customer insight reports are provided based on the integrated data dashboard where statistical data e.g. number of visitors, stay duration, rate of return, etc. can be obtained. Customer insight analysis helps deliver a satisfactory experience by providing hyper-personalized services based on the understanding of preference and effective space design.

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