Smart mobility and parking solution with features including guide to parking spots, "find my car" and others that meet the needs of shared-mobility users and is provided.


The demand for a convenient partking system and indoor location information services is increasing in view of the increase in large parking areas belonging to large shopping malls and multi-purpose buildings. Smart mobility solution provides a trouble-free driving experience with services including guide to parking spots and find the location of vehicles based on spatial awareness technology that utillizes various space data.

  • Time reduction

  • Convenient driving experience

  • Addressing social issues

  • Addressing social issues

Smart Parking Giving accurate directions is difficult in underground and indoor spaces where GPS does not reach. WATA's spatial awareness technology with high accuracy accurately recognizes a location and guides drivers to an empty pargkin space even in underground and indoor car parks, providing convenience to drivers.

Find my car Find my car' solution that works with a smartphone guides drivers to their vehicles fast and efficiently in large car parks. In particular, as floor change can be recognized using barometric pressure information it is easy to find out the location of the parked vehicles even in multi-storey car parks.

Smart shared mobility In city areas sharede-mobility services are increasingly generating issues due to unlawful parking, blocking the passage, loss of mobility vehicles which are caused by untrackability of the vehicles using GPS. Smart shared-moblility solution addresses these issues by providing parking guides and controlling bad parking practices based on the real-time location of users.

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