Smart Office and Building Solution improves office environment through an entry/exit management system, indoor navigation and control and monitoring services.


Knowing the location of people in offices and buildings with many separate and divided spaces is a factor that positively affects the operation of buildings and businesses. Ensure safety by preventing and controlling infectious diseases transmitted through frenquent contact and low ventilation, and improve convenience and office environment by managing entry/exit of visitors and employees, and indoor spaces.

  • Control of infectious diseases

  • Enhanced visitor experience

  • Improved office environment

Automatic entry/
exit management
Upon entering or exiting a hotel, the movements of visitors are automatically recognized with spatial awareness technology. A visitor database is created and entry/exit information is saved to create a visitor list. Contactless mobile check-in eliminates unnecessary processes of writing up a visitor list manually or scanning a QR code, and improves customer convenience. (Visit records are automatically destroyed after a certain period of time)

Monitoring visitors/
WATA's accurate spatial awareness technology enables effective space management based on the real-time visitor information by space (e.g. meeting rooms, conference halls, etc.) including the number of people present and data such as crowdedness and heat map/density analysis.

Strengthened security Some sections of the building may need to be controlled due to incident prevention and asset management. With the features allowing for checking visitor information by space and creating restricted areas, strengthen security and protect assets.

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