Smart Retial/Store Solution provides contactless services to customers who visit shops and shopping malls, delivering a convenient and safe shopping experience. Also, the Solution helps store owners improve the efficiency of sales operations and increase sales.


Despite the moves towards automation and digital transformation in view of Industry 4.0, factory workers are still exposed to an unsafe work environment characterized by frequent accidents and low productivity. To improve workplace safety and operational efficiency, Smart Factory Soltuion provides data and statistical analysis through a digital twin, and incident management and prevention features which are enabled by the real-time monitoring of workers and environment.

  • Enjoyable and Safe shopping experience

  • Sales increase

  • Store and product management

  • Enhanced brand image

Visitor location monitoring Past movement data can be checked with filtering options in addition to the real time location of customers in the entire service area and by space. Having visit data including movement pattterns, entry/exit time and stay duration enables the effective utilization of space. A task can be assigned to staff immediately by sending a message.

Visitor statistics / Customer insight report (Data dashboard) An enjoyable shopping experience is designed and delivered to customers through customer preference analysis and effective space curation which are enabled by customer insight reports and various statistics such as visitor numbers, movement patterns and density analysis.

Asset management By attaching tags to products and recognizing them, the real-time status of assets and a list of assets by space can be checked. Also, the status and location of AP, BLE and other sensors can be easilly checked, with features that allow managers to add and delete sensors or change locations to establish a location information service.

Hyper-proximity marketing By setting an event range through geofencing marketing events e.g. providing discount coupons and promotional information in the service area can be created and managed easily.

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