Smart parking

Provide convenience to drivers throughout the journey from parking a car and walkling to a destination to returning to the car in indoor/underground spaces as well as places where GPS does not work.

Parking spot guide Finding an empty parking space or where the car is parked can take time in a large car park. Smart parking solution informs drivers of empty parking lots and guides them to the closest parking lot with navigation services in underground and indoor car parks where GPS does not reach. The drivers can check where they parked their cars.

Sync to navigation Provide hyper-personalized services and hyper-proximity marketing by matching location information with personal information such as gender, age and preference owned by a service provider, e.g. female/25yr/coffee lover/Gangnam station

Find my car Finding my car in a large car park can be stressful. Find the location of your car easily and get directions to your car.

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