WIS 2022 Innovation Awards

Minister's Award of
Ministry of Science and ICT

CES 2022 Innovation Awards

Virtual & Augmented Reality
Software & Mobile Apps

AI Cloud Spatial Management Platform

By finding out your precise location,
we provide a more valuable future.

AI Cloud Spatial Management Platform

The AI cloud space management platform provides high-accuracy integrated control monitoring and smart space solutions even in indoor spaces where GPS cannot reach based on positioning technology based on 3D LiDAR and various IoT device sensors.

3D LiDAR Spatial Management Platform

3D LiDAR-based real-time control monitoring system enables accurate and rapid object detection/notification and incident handling. Prevent your business accidents in advance with data statistics/analysis.

AI Cloud Spatial Awareness Platform

Through accurate location identification of people and assets, customers can expand their experience with hyper- proximity/ hyper-personalized service based on non-contact services and location information to enable efficient corporate operations. Predict your organization's rational decision-making and future with data statistics/analysis.

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