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AI Cloud Spatial Management Platform

By finding out your precise location,
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3D LiDAR Safety Management Solution

Hazard detection and industrial safety accident prevention through real-time worker/heavy equipment location check

Real-time object recognition such as workers/heavy equipment in the observation area

Setting and registration of observation area (3D geofence) for accident risk area

Check forklift speed and distance in real time to alert in case of collision risk

Object Detection

Detection of workers/heavy equipment objects using AI industry dataset

Geofencing Settings

Geo-fence settings for movement routes and high-density areas, access control areas, safety zones, etc.

Risk detection / Notification

Safety zone, warning notification in case of violation of safe distance and safety compliance speed for heavy equipment and workers in danger zone

Data Statistics

Management of worker/heavy equipment movement data statistics and safety warning notification history by space

3D LiDAR Logistic Management Solution

Improve work efficiency and productivity through shelf/logistics information visualization and real-time logistics warehouse management

Link existing textual logistics DB with 3D shelf dashboards

3D Geofence Generation for Each Shelf in the Logistics Warehouse

Real-time logistical information update during in-shelf logistics warehousing

DB visualization

Real-time logistics load display through 3D visualization of traditional text format logistics DB platform interlocking/shelf frame


3D control monitoring of workers, forklifts, and logistics in the warehouse

Notification Settings

Enter and manage storage space (storage) attribute values for each product (item name, storage type, storage name, specifications, storage location, description, etc.)

Data Statistics

Provides statistics on the amount of items loaded on the shelf and warehousing, item types and inventory statistics

3D LiDAR Construction Process Management Solution

Identification of the construction progress rate through BIM data and real-time 3D point cloud data matching

Matching BIM data with 3D point cloud data

PCD changes based on classified BIM data

Provides real-time process rate calculation data by segmentation

Semantic Segmentation

The collected point cloud data is subdivided by process item and space on the BIM data

Process rate

BIM & PCD data matching and process rate calculation by item

Supports sensor data integration

Support for the interworking of various data generated and collected at construction sites such as PCD data, image/image, IoT sensor, and drone data

Data Statistics

Provide various statistical data such as BIM-based process rate calculation data and process history by date

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