Control and Monitoring

An integrated control and monitoring solution enables the management of smart spaces. Utilize and analyze control activities based on a combination of the real-time location of people and assets and history data.

Check a location in real-time Real-time location check ensures the safety of human resources and enables the effective utilization and management of shared resources.

Location tracking
(movement path/route check)
Past movemnet paths or routes of people and mobile devices can be tracked. Location tracking is key to emergency response, prevention of infectious diseases, asset loss management, etc.

Sending messages Effective and prompt control activities are made possible through sending messages in real-time for multiple purposes such as to inform exit route, send social distancing alarm and assign a task.

Geofencing Select a space to be monitored on the map and manage the selected space. Several spaces can be grouped together and geofencing provides features including entry/exit management, checking a visitor list and sending messages.

Filtering options More foucsed data can be obtained by using filtering options to specify visit time, visitor gender and age, etc. More focused targeting and precise location tracking are possible to meet the specific needs of your business.

K-ASEAN ICT Convergence Village [XR LAB]

Wi-Fi RTT Control and Monitoring Solution applied for the first time in South Korea

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